precious memories of fruit - 7


Applying pigment paint on the back of the transparent acrylic panel, the gradation of carefully selected colors creates comfortable rhythm, producing a calm and luxurious space.

The round acrylic piece stands alone, needless of a stand, naturally fitting into the space.

The transparency of the acrylic panel also enables light to go through the pigment paint, adding depth, collaborating with the background scenery visible between the gaps.

Viewable from 360 degrees, from the front or back, being a painting and an object at the same time, it is a new genre of art.


Fine Art - Contemporary art

Applying color pigment on the back of thick acrylic plates, my works stand vertically in the space, corresponding with the surrounding environment, changing expressions according to the weather, time of day and posture. The substrate is acrylic plate, block or cylinder. The new “packaged” series pieces, made of the acrylic arc seem like bottles, fully packed with precious memories.







1960 Born in Kobe

1984 Graduated from the Graduate School of Kyoto City University of Arts


Recent Solo Exhibitions

2020 O Gallery, Tokyo 18’ 16’ 14’ 12’

2019 FESTART OSAKA2019, MI Gallery, Osaka

2019 Gallery Haku, Osaka 17’ 16’ 1988’

2018 Gallery Shimada, Kobe 15’ 13’ 10’


Recent Group Exhibitions                     

2019 Le Salon Art Shopping at Carrousel du Louvre, Paris 17’ 16’

2019 Osaka Midosuji Art at Mido Building 1F Entrance, Osaka

2019 World Art Dubai, Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE

2018 Gallerism 2018 in Nakatsu, PIAS GALLERY, Osaka

2018 Osaka Midosuji Art at Midosuji Azuchimachi Building 1F Entrance, Osaka 17’

2018 The 6th 21st Century Womens' Art Exhibition at Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art, Kobe 16’

2017 Port City Kobe Art Festival at Port Island Kita Park and Kobe Airport, Kobe

2017 Between the Lines at Parasol Projects @ Rivington, New York

2017 LA Booth show, Hive Gallery and Studios, Los Angeles

2016 Osaka Midosuji Art, SMBC Bingomachi Branch Display Window, Osaka

2015 KOBE Biennale 2015 "Friends of Hyogo & Kobe Exhibition" at BB Plaza Museum of Art, Kobe

2018 MI gallery Art Award, MI gallery, Osaka

1987 Hyogo Governor's Award, The 29th Hyogo Artists Association Exhibition

1985         New Artist Award, Kansai Shinseisaku Exhibition


Art Style:
  • Installations
  • Contemporary
  • Mixed media
Art Medium:
  • Crystal art
  • Glass art
Size and orientation:
  • Small
  • Vertical
Dimensions: W12×H12×D4×T1cm
  • White
  • Yellow
Price Range:
  • $10 - $500
Price: AED1,600 (USD435)
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