Sebastian Furtado

Crisolart Galleries E9, E10, E11, E12

When you enter Sebastian Furtado’s universe it is different kinds of moods that hits you. There are paintings that are both reflecting something gloomy and mysterious and there are paintings that have a more optimistic, colorful and attractive vibe.

Some off the paintings are painted with a thin, shaking and almost nervous brush stroke, while others have a very definite and dominant line.

You are constantly moving between these contrasts; the abstract and nonfigurative against the realistic and concrete. The darkness and the light. The feminine and the masculine. The graceful and the rough.
You are touched by the paintings on both a deeper and at the same time a shallow plan as if you can choose to focus on the motives behind, the story he is telling, the colors and his intentions with the painting, but you can also just focus on all the threads and the colors in his paintings.

Some of Sebastian’s paintings portray people affected by illness and contain religious motives like he is fighting an inner battle, while other paintings most of all reflect something cool and rock’n’roll.
In the end, it is up to the eye that looks at it. Emotions and reactions. The relational aesthetics, the use of colors, the contrasts and the way in which it is painted clearly helps determine what feelings that are gained, when you are observing Sebastian’s works.

With several of the pictures you can spot something new, a new subject, a new figure, a new story, each time you look at the very same painting. Small details hidden in the “bigger picture”. Many of the pictures show some very powerful eyes so you almost get the feeling that you are being watched yourself.

Art Style:
  • Abstract
Size and orientation:
  • Medium
  • Beige
Price Range:
  • $1,001 - $5,000
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