Lajarri Gallery C21

Albury Dixon Tjangala is from Central Desert Australia and grew up in the famous artist community of Papanya Tula in the Northern Territory. Albury is the nephew of the renowned artist Niagara Napurrula. 

Albury paints the traditional ‘Tingari’ story which is the Dreaming associated with male Creation as depicted by the Pintupi Tribe. The artist also paints ‘Fire Dreaming’ another strong male story from Papaya. 

Albury was taught the sacred male story of Tingari by the highly acclaimed artist George Hairbrush Tjungurrayi. This Dreaming tells of how the land was created and formed by the communities ancestral spirits. In keeping with this story, today Pintupi men still walk through this sacred country created by their ancestors as part of initiation and Pintupi Law. 

Albury’s works can be seen as contemporary renditions of the traditional ‘Tingari’ and ‘Fire Dreaming’ story. His works have been said to follow the style of major male artists including George Hairbrush Tjungurrayi, George Ward Tjungurrayi and Walala Tjapaltjarri. 

Albury’s work encompass a bright colour palette with a strong use of contrasting line work to create modern, bold pieces of Indigenous Art. 

Art Style:
  • Contemporary
Size and orientation:
  • Large
  • Horizontal
Dimensions: 88cm x 141cm
  • Blue
  • albury
  • artist
  • australia
  • central
  • desert
  • dixon
  • dreaming
  • famous
  • fire
  • george
  • grew
  • Lajarri Gallery
  • male
  • paints
  • pintupi
  • story
  • strong
  • tingari
  • tjangala
  • tjungurrayi
  • traditional
  • up
Price Range:
  • $1,001 - $5,000
Price: $2,054.99 us 5% vat incl
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