Sangita Agrawal

Funun Arts C27-C28-C29

Sangita is a self-motivated artist who expertize is creating artwork painting on plywood. Her painting depicts unique combination of tracing filled with marble dust on plywood panel. These panels are formed from marble dust and hand painted in a rich palette of oil colors. This relief work is rare and involves meticulous planning and executing it with delicate hand.

Sangita’swork portrays picture with message full of life. Having lived in middle-east for the last 5 years, she is also impressed with the Region’s vast rich culture which inspired her and her Egyptian themed paintings vouch for it.

She is passionate about her work and painting takes her to a totally different zone where she gets a feeling of accomplishment and fulfilment.

Sangita hails from India and lives in Dubai now.

Art Medium:
  • Wood art
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