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  • Patience

    Zahra Goulamhoussen
    Zahra's artworks are inspired by the symmetry and organic patterns in the interiors and exteriors of the monumental Islamic structures. It is this inspiration that is reflected in her complex hyper de ...
  • Perspective

    Silvia & the Spyglass
    Silvia Sánchez uses watercolour in her artworks. Women are the central part of her artworks. She plays with vivid colours to portray the rich variety and complexity of female facets at everyday moment ...
  • A collection of women during the Pompeii period in their daily lives. 3D artwork created by using multiple layers of the same image with materials like, fabric, wood, sand, paper and various accessori ...
  • Power

    Lama Dallal
    Palestinian-Jordanian painter, her work brings together cubism and abstract expressionism in a contemporary blend of colors and strokes. Her medium of choice is Acrylic or Oil on canvas.
  • Protea Part 1

    Lizelle Engelbrecht
    Oil paint and metal-leaf on canvas


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