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Repton School Activities

Year Of Zayed

This year for World Art Dubai 2018 in recognition of the ‘Year of Zayed’ and the coming together of the Emirates, the children from Repton Dubai, Repton Abu Dhabi and Foremarke Dubai are coming together to celebrate progression and innovation, both in the U.A.E and globally, by looking to the future as well as taking inspiration from the past.

Exploring the concept of joining and transforming through an exploration of traditional and contemporary sources and mediums, the exhibition pieces will include a rich body of representational and abstract drawing and painting, sculptural work, collaborative installations that address sustainability and also digital artwork.

The diverse range of work draws inspiration from the huge achievements in the region and the developments yet to come in this ever evolving international community.

Mixed Media Workshop 

Mixed Media workshop that celebrate year of Zayed. Open to all – aimed at children from 6 upwards to create an artwork with a selection of craft, pencils, pastels, inks and printing materials.

Repton School Competitions

Featured the winning entries of Repton School Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Foremarke Art Competition in Prints, digital, painting, mixed media, clay tile, sculptures, collaborative art mosaic.

Repton School Award Ceremony

Friday 20 April

2:30PM - 3:00PM

In the Creative Learning Workshop

*Invites Only



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