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Zaahirah Muthy

Zaahirah Muthy

Zaahirah is a passionate Artist Activist hailing from Mauritius. As an agent of change, she holds a strong message of empowerment in her art and artistic initiative. 2018, has been roaring with accolades and awards for Zaahirah, In January, she was awarded ‘The Leonardo Da Vinci- Universal Artist Award in Florence- Italy’ followed by the ‘Femina- Women International Leadership Award’ in the artist category in February in Mumbai, India.

She was also nominated for the ‘Global Art Award’ in painting category in November 2017; "Artist of the Year 2016" at the Ras Al Khaimah Fine Arts Festival. She also won the ‘Youth Excellence Award’ in the Leadership Category and the "Oscar de la Jeunesse 2001” in Artistic Pursuit by the Government of Mauritius. As a Toastmaster, she has been featured in the book 101 Artists Toastmaster distributed worldwide.

Zaahirah has exhibited over Africa, Europe and Middle-East. Zaahirah has successfully curated over 25 art exhibition. Recently she curated the most esteemed International Women Art Exhibition under the theme Press For Progress, where she connected 77 international women artists representing 77 countries under one roof .

Zaahirah is the founder of ZeeArts, and a renowned art activist platform, that connect artists to create community and celebrate art. She has been the prime mover behind an array of artistic and community initiatives. Art is an essential constituent of Zaahirah’s life; it is a paramount journey that crafted her personality. She is who she is today because she has heard and adhered to the music of the brushes and colours.

Stephanie Neville

Stephanie Neville

A South African artist living in the United Arab Emirates since 1999, Stephanie Neville is an active member of the local art scene. With an interest in conceptual art, her works deal with issues of the feminine, diaspora and absence. By confessing personal experiences through her art, Neville encourages a collective global acceptance of the self. 

Neville’s recent body of work explores the concept of sustainability. Sustaining of the self and various inter-personal relationships as experienced in transient lifestyles evident in the migrant working environment in the UAE, is of great interest to Neville. Textiles and embroidery are the main mediums employed to translate the fragility and tension within such transient relationships. Exploring environmental sustainability, Neville examines the effects of human waste on the environment. Neville uses recycled and reclaimed materials to create soft sculptures and mixed media artworks on canvas. Her recent body of work focuses on the protection of the natural, local habitats such as mangroves in UAQ and RAK.

Neville participates locally and internationally in visual and virtual exhibitions, having won a variety of Excellence and Merit awards and her artwork can be seen in multiple local and international collections. A founding member of Artisans of the Emirates since 2006, Neville is active in the community as a part-time art facilitator, private tutor and avid blogger. Currently, Neville is completing her in Master of Visual Arts at the University of South Africa (UNISA), graduating end of 2018.

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Atul Panase

Atul Panase

Atul Panase is an Indian national, born in Nagpur (Maharastra), grew up in Bhilai Nagar (Chhattisgarh) – known as ‘a steel city of India’, who earned a Master in Fine Art degree from North University Jalgaon. He has lived in Dubai for over 20 years where he creates art for living.

Recently he received an Honorable Award during an international event called - Pearls of Peace - Through Watercolor, Season II, 2nd International Watercolor Biennale, which was held at University of  Jamshoro in Sindh Provienvce - Pakistan in February 2018.

He is the team leader of the United Arab Emirates for an international watercolor festival “Fabriano in Acquarello”, which is held yearly in Fabriano, Italy. He is again leading a team of  33 watercolorists from UAE to take part in “Fabriano in Acquarello-2018” where he will be giving his watercolor demo. In 2017, he curated a photography exhibition titled ‘Fluid Moment’- Impressions of Spontaneity at gallery’76 - DIAC and in 2016, an Indian art exhibition titled “Colours of Pride” at the Pullman Hotel in Dubai.

In August 2017, he was invited by House of Art & Artists S.R.L., Milano, Italy to attend the 6th edition of Mount Lu Watercolors Paintings Art Festival which was held in Lushan, China - one of the biggest art festivals in Asia. The whole art trip was sponsored by the House of Art & Artists S.R.L. and his name was proposed as a UAE leader by InArte Fabriano, Italy.



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