world art dubai

world art dubai

world art dubai


Here's what our visitors said

“I picked up a few paintings last year… and another 4 this year. It has just been fantastic to see the variety and the diversity of art. We love it here. I’m sure we will be coming again next year.”

Rohit Rajvanshi, Visitor, Dubai


“I came to the show to see what is happening in the industry and I loved what I saw! There are lots of new concepts and techniques being used, and I am happy to see the interaction of the customers with the art. It further proves its popularity in this region.”

Khaled, artist from Desert Frames, Dubai


“I came to the show to explore art, which is something I really admire in today’s technology-driven world. The show has so many artists with marvelous paintings. I’m still roaming around, but I’m sure I will end up buying with these affordable prices!”

Haroon Ahmad


“I love how the show has so many artists from so many different countries. It reminds me of Dubai, with so many cultures all in one place. Most importantly, I loved the quality of work!”

Nidhi Bhattacharya


“As an artist myself, I wanted to come to World Art Dubai to check out some of the great pieces on display. I love how this fair has displayed the new technologies and concepts that artists have been using, and it has enabled me to check out different techniques from various countries all in one place!”

Ravva Ghanesh, artist


World Art Dubai is a great fair with lots of diversity. I loved all the different Islamic features on display and coming from a European country, I was also drawn to the paintings that resembled the Eastern hemisphere.”

Paul, Dubai resident




“I came all the way from Abu Dhabi to explore World Art Dubai and was happy to do so! The show is much bigger than last year’s event with even more artists, thus more variety of paintings! Also, I loved the workshops held at the event which gave an additional educational feel.”

Ashokh Talukdar


“World Art Dubai gave me something unique to admire! I loved the variety of exhibitors, and it also gave me a chance to admire art from various cultures all under one roof.”

Nikunj Agrawal


“I came from Abu Dhabi to check out what’s trending in the art world and was thrilled with the quality of work that is displayed at the show! The artists are so friendly, and this makes browsing the art even more enjoyable. World Art Dubai is a must-see show as it transports you to a different world.”

Gilbert Hernandez, Abu Dhabi resident


“Coming the Philippines, I feel blessed to be able to view art that represents that the Arabic society. A lot of the painters come from Western cultures, too, and it’s lovely to see how some link their paintings to the UAE and GCC.”

Meba Vallera


“This year’s show is bigger than the last edition with diverse collection of art. Roaming around all the magnificent art work is spectacular! I’ll attend the 2018 edition for sure.”

Salah Yamout


“World Art Dubai 2017 is such an enjoyable environment filled with colours. So many paintings resembling different countries can be found here and the choice is unlimited. I feel like buying a lot of artwork!”

Manuel Sabile


“I came here from Portugal and I’m studying art, so when I heard about the show I knew that I had to attend. The show is fruitful is so many ways as I have been able to see so much art from so many different artists from all around the world.”

Mia Silva


“I loved that the paintings are affordable. I’m currently roaming around to see what suits my house and I will definitely buy something. I also plan on attending the workshops to learn more about art from top class artists!”

Paul Berger


“I have a passion for art and that’s the main reason I attended World Art Dubai. It’s rare to see so many artworks from different artists all in one place. I think this show is really special!”

Narban Koumar


“This is my second time attending World Art Dubai and I feel a huge difference from the last edition. This year there are so many exhibitors from different countries, and all I can see are amazing pieces of art all around me! It’s also great that everything is so affordable.”

Rajesh Isran



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