Visitor Testimonials

Visitor Testimonials

“I’ve been looking forward to visiting for a while now and it’s quite nice that there is space to comfortably wander and see more paintings, enjoy the feel of the place and take your time.”

Fiona Tomas, UK

“I’ve come from Jordan to visit my friend who is exhibiting here and it’s great. I’ll definitely come back next year and let my family and friends know, too. It really is a great day out for everyone.”

Fayzeh, Jordan

“This is the first time I have visited the show and I found it very professional. In addition to some more established artists, there are upcoming artists who want to gain more followers and have their art seen around the world, so it’s a great opportunity to get exposure.”

Yoshitaka Yamashiro, Japan

“It’s amazing! The show is especially good for my kids, as they are interested in these kind of art fairs. They have started to paint themselves, so I wanted to bring them over here to check out other artists and learn new techniques and styles they could incorporate into their own works.”

Ahmad Omari, Pakistani

“I’ve visited the show before and it gets better and better every year.  I’m always happy to come and to check what’s new and different compared to other years, and I always go home with a new piece of artwork that takes my mind to another place.”

Melattur, Indian


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