All Things Have the Buddha Nature

Eisui - Japan Promotion

“Sōmoku Kokudo Shikkai Jyōbutsu” (All Things Have the Buddha Nature) is the thought of Buddhism disseminated in Japan. It means that all things, whether they have a mind or not, will rest in peace. Since Eisui have lived surrounded by nature, he have felt that he've been kept alive in the absolute power that is beyond the reach of the human power, just like other animals and plants. This world, that exists based on the cycle of lives, is “Shogyōmujyō” (the impermanence of all things). To feel that large cycle makes me humble and to realize that the life is impermanence makes me try to live my life to the fullest. The pandemic made me realize it deeply.

  • buddha
  • cycle
  • impermanence
  • life
  • makes
  • nature
  • power
  • realize
  • things
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