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Couch Potatoes

Petra von Lutterotti

While the original idea for my mini-series “Couch Potatoes” was born more than two years ago, I only started with the paintings in January 2020. At that time we’ve seen the first few media mentions of the virus, but neither did I think of it developing into a global pandemic, nor of its impact it would soon have on our everyday lives.

So while I was working on the series, the virus had spread all over the world, the lockdown came into effect and I started realizing that my couch potato series has actually become reality: Our homes have become the place to be and the pandemic our excuse to turn into couch potatoes. On completion of my paintings I wanted to send a message to the world, so I posted my three couch potatoes on social media to put a smile on peoples’ face and to say “stay at home, stay save” but don`t lose your sense of humor in this difficult time. While the original idea was born from a different inspiration, starting the series couldn’t have been more timely and has become a good representation of my daily motivation: be lazy sometimes, be happy always, and never stop creating.

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