Ben Eine & Pure Evil at World Art Dubai

25 Mar 2019

Ben Eine & Pure Evil at World Art Dubai

World Art Dubai

UK's renowned graffiti artists, Ben Eine & Pure Evil, exhibited at World Art Dubai for the first time. Both artists worked on a limited collection of personalised artworks for their visitors during World Art Dubai. 

Ben Eine is known to be one of the most successful street artists in the world. Originally a graffiti writer, Eine started his career over 30 years ago, leaving his first tag all over London before developing his distinct typographic style. Eine now operates from the belief that street art is distinct from graffiti: “Street artists want to add something to the environment. They consider the audience, whereas graffiti writers don’t care about anyone except themselves, they do it purely for the kick.

Charles Uzzell-Edwards aka Pure Evil is a renowned street artist from London who has produced fanged bunnies and Warhol-esque art throughout the streets and galleries of the world. His art of primarily modern icons expresses both biographical signature and western culture critique. His pop culture symbols are viewed along the urban and artistic landscape from Sao Paulo to Sydney.


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