VR Art Makes its Debut with Cathy Deniset

24 Feb 2020

VR Art Makes its Debut with Cathy Deniset

This year’s World Art Dubai will see VR Art make its debut at the show, expertly created by the incredible artist, speed painter and VR performer, Cathy Deniset.

The addition of VR Art for the first time offers a unique mix of art and technology that will appear to a younger more tech savvy demographic. Blurring the lines between reality and imagination, the live painting experience will bring 3D art to life. Cathy will customise pieces to fit shoppers’ preferences on the spot for the art lovers to take home a piece completely bespoke to them.

Born in Burgundy, Cathy Deniset has lived in Dubai since 2007. Her artistic training came essentially from the naval and military artist Christoff Debusschère. Her previous experience as a choreographic artist combined with her talents as a painter, naturally led her to the role of Speed Painter and then Virtual Reality Performer. Such a new fascinating approach positions today’s art scene alongside tomorrow’s technology.

View more of her work on her instagram page or her website.


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