World Art Dubai presents the best opportunity to explore exciting new world of affordable art and discover new perspectives in creativity. Bringing together a spectacular international collection of 2,000+ artworks from renowned galleries, acclaimed & emerging artists from 25+ countries, it all starts from just $100 onwards.

Dont Just Take Our Word For It

  • “This is my third time visiting World Art Dubai. The diversity in artists and art styles make me come back to the show each year. I have bought art in previous editions and look forward to seeing what the curation has to offer this year.”

    Marina Spirito Russia

  • “This is my first time at the show, I never knew something like this existed in Dubai. I’m very excited to be here, I’ve already met some artists who I am looking forward to connecting to.”

    Alex Goodwin United Kingdom

  • “It was a fantastic event as always and I am delighted to have been able to attend the event in light of the recent worldwide pandemic. World Art Dubai is always one of my favourite Dubai events and I look forward to attending next year. Well done Dubai.”

    Emi Beredugo British

  • “This is my second time to World Art Dubai, and the energy this year has been great. Despite the challenges this year, it was impressive to see such a diverse collection of international artists present and be part of this event. Most importantly I feltsafe as a visitor and the precautions taken by the organisers really helped.”

    Dean Foley British

Check out the Coolest Street Art - Urban Art dxb

Radical street artists from around the world created stunning urban masterpieces in our dedicated zone.

Artists of The Week

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    David Ferreira

    Our Artist of The Week is all the way from France David Ferreira who is passionate about geometric art and mathematics and you can see it in his art and style.
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    Meet our artist of the week Mikimikimikky1016 who was able to heal her own mind and escape the darkness through painting. She uses acrylic to express the power of animals, plants, buildings, and people. Mikimikimikky1016’s WAD collection theme will be love and peace and it aims to make people feel warmth, kindness, and comfort.
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    Jeff Murray

    Jeff Murray returns to WAD 2022 for his fourth time with his pen and ink art collection inspired by urban landscapes, geography, nature and ancient history.
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    Griet Van den Auwelant

    Griet Van den Auwelant our Belgian ceramic Artist Of The Week. She uses art as a vital and constant source of pleasure, hope and ease, a way of life. Griet tell stories through her unplanned ceramics where each peace turns into a characters.
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    Keerthana Selvakumar

    Keerthana Selvakumar from India exhibiting for the first time at WAD2022. She is influenced by pop culture, and has developed a deep love for portraying women in the modern world. She uses vibrant, bold colors that pop and give a textured finish look which highlights the essence of the story that she captures.
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    Olga Belka

    Our artist of the week Olga Belka the unique Russian underwater artist and portraitist. Olga developed a unique technique painting in salt water while scuba diving. Each painting requires two to six dives and every dive lasts up to three hours.

Art Blog

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The art of choosing your art

Art has become more affordable – portraits, photographs, sculptures and paintings can liven up a living space, but selecting carefully is key.

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Curating Art Apparel At World Art Dubai

According to a recent study, the vast majority of people wear 20 per cent of their clothes 80 per cent of the time.

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Artists To Look Out For At World Art Dubai

Artists are increasingly creating pieces that fuse art forms such as painting, sculpture, photography, collage and more to break style boundaries through experimentation and innovation.

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Advice From 10 Female Artists On How To Make It In The Art World

When it comes to your art world career who better to take advice from than an artist?

Engaging, Exceptional,
Experiential-Things at WAD!

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    Live Performances

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    Wearable Art

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    Artify Your Gear

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    School Competitions

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    World Art Dubai Celebrates Emerging Artists

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    Art for Every Wall

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    Workshops for all ages

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    Nikon Kids Photo Club

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    Pottery & Sculptures

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    The Artwalk

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