Happiness together

Kiyoko Minami | Stand : W08

3rd of March is the day for females, where the festival is held to pray for the healthy growth, prosperity and happiness of them. Families with young girls will display a set of traditional Japanese beautiful dolls called hina-ningyo (hina dolls) at home. And the hina dolls are displayed with a prayer for a girl’s good health and happy marriage in the future since they represent the Japanese imperial family’s wedding. The emperor and the empress dressed in traditional clothes from the Heian Period(8-12 century). Wall scroll is made by geninue silk kimono belt. Using traditional Japanese drawing techniques. (Wall scroll, traditional Japanese paper)

Art Style: watercolour

Size and orientation: Medium

Dimensions: Height-60, Width-30, Depth-1

Price Range: $101 - $1000

Colour: Gold

Price: USD 400 / AED 1468