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Our carBurn Footprint - 3

Shoa Malik | Stand : NA07

This series of work entitled ‘Our carBurn Footprint’ displayed at World Art Dubai 2024, is Shoa’s commentary and expression on the Carbon Footprint generated by our actions both direct and/or indirect. Our Carbon Footprint is a culmination of our daily lives - our commute to work, food consumed, the packaging it comes in, the energy we consume, apparel we buy. In addition, the industries fueled by our needs and the corporations causing those emissions, pose a significant threat to the planet and our environment. In this series, this specific artwork has two abstract perspectives - either that of a sunset, symbolic of the eventual drastic effect and hopelessness, if we are unable to reduce the carbon footprint - while alternatively it can be symbolic of a sunrise, which is a hopeful sign of reaching net-zero emissions, by taking necessary actions on every level for our generations to come. The representative style of this artwork is inspired by Mark Rothko - one of the pioneers of the Abstract Expressionist movements in the mid-20th century.

  • Art Style: Abstract
  • Size and orientation: Large
  • Dimensions: Height-150, Width-150, Depth-3.5
  • Price Range: AED 20000
  • Colour: Black, White
  • Price: AED 25000