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Simay Kislaoglu


Stand: W16 Solo Artist

simay kislaoglu

Simay Kislaoglu a visionary contemporary artist whose lifelong passion for painting has evolved into a captivating journey through the realms of art. 


The latest collection transports viewers through the corridors of history, seamlessly blending the essence of the High Renaissance and Baroque era paintings. At the heart of this artistic exploration lies a poignant connection with women portraits, infusing each piece with a timeless vitality that resonates with life.

In a world where art speaks volumes, Simay Kislaoglu’s portfolio stands as an eloquent dialogue between tradition and modernity. Each stroke on the canvas is a deliberate whisper echoing the richness of art history while simultaneously embracing the pulse of today.


Engage with the past, embrace the present, and become a custodian of Simay Kislaoglu’s masterpieces at the World Art Dubai.

info@simaykislaogludesign.com +90 5337851510 All in Package