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A Robot That Learns To Paint

the Union of Human and Artificial Intelligence in Painting

We are two data science artists from Altai & Moscow, Russia. The idea of creating a robot which would make art in alliance with human was born in 2019.

Our program helps a human artist to express the idea in colors by transforming it into robot movements. The program gets an image as an input (it can be a photograph or any other digital image), analyzes colors and shapes, puts them into strokes, mixes paints on its own and applies them to the canvas in different techniques with a robotic arm and a platform.

AI_NORN style of painting was designed as something distant from photographic repeating. We name it neuroimpressionism. The idea of neuroimpressionism is to underline the main thing of a picture through artificial intelligence perception, not a human perception - mood, energy, and reflect them on canvas with brushstroke form and colors.






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  • The sun is shining and the little girl wants to take a walk. But she can't, because its almost 40 degrees below zero outside.
  • I. Asimov and his amazing works of science fictions and three laws of Robotics known also as Asimov’s Laws inspired our NORN to make his portrait!
  • Created by robot artist - AI_NORN.
  • A completely independent work of AI_NORN done without any human help.The picture is created by a neural network and painted by robot.
  • The painting is dedicated to اِمرؤ القيس بن حجر بن الحارث الكندي Imru 'al-Qais Junduh bin Hujr al-Kindi, we hope they wrote it correctly)  and  called "Keeper of Ancient Poems". Painted by robot artis ...
  • Willpower / painted by robot artist AI_NORN in neuroimpressionism style.
  • Painting and mythology complement modern photo art. Painted by robot artist AI_NORN in neuroimpressionism style.  
  • Nymphaea/water lily painted by robot artist AI_NORN in neuroimpressionism style.
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