The Highest Leap

Dr. Ankita Chhawchharia Goenka G17
The painting represents a new beginning and a new high. Dolphin energy can help you breathe, release and “BE” in order to grow spiritually. You cannot swim life’s waters and embrace true joy if your arms are filled with bad memories and feelings from the past. Dolphin has come to help you navigate those waves. In Celtic tradition Dolphin acts as the guardian of the world’s waters and all the creatures therein. The water element with the Dolphin also represents healing and a new beginning. Dolphin represents the end of one “life” and rebirth to something better.
Art Style:
  • Figurative
  • Contemporary
  • Abstract
  • Acrylic painting
  • Mixed media
Size and orientation:
  • Medium
  • Vertical
Dimensions: 30"x20"
  • Blue
Price Range:
  • $1,001 - $5,000
Price: $1380
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