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WAD Unplug Yourself

World Art Dubai - The region's largest contemporary retail art fair ran under the theme ‘unplug yourself, hosted 4000+ artwork pieces from 300+ renowned galleries and solo artists, hailing from 50+ countries. WAD welcomed more than 10,000 art enthusiasts of all ages and encouraged inspired thinking through a non-stop schedule of live art performances, workshops, talks at the four-day art and lifestyle fair.

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Solo Artists

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Art Blog

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Curating Art Apparel At World Art Dubai

According to a recent study, the vast majority of people wear 20 per cent of their clothes 80 per cent of the time.

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Tapping Into Art Trends For 2020

World Art Dubai 2020 artists Kristel Bechara, Aditi Patwari and Mahnaz Karimi discuss how this year’s fair will reflect wider trends in the global art scene.

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Famous Nurses In Art History

While we are all at home complaining about being unable to go to our favourite museums and galleries

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Lifelike Portraits of Famous Historical Figures

Artist Bas Uterwijk uses artificial intelligence software to bring historical characters to life.


Open call for digital artists worldwide to join WAD Emerging Artists Prize in partnership with Rove Hotels
Submission is open until 28th February 2023

Engaging, Exceptional,
Experiential-Things at WAD!

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    Art for Every Wall

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    Urban Art DXB is Back and Bigger

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    Fashion is the new canvas!

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    World Art Dubai Celebrates Emerging Artists

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    Workshops for all ages

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    The Artwalk

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    Live Performances

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    Nikon Kids Photo Club

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    Future Artists at WAD

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    WAD Next

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    Around The World x Japan

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    WAD Installations & Activations

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    Immersive Digital Art

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    Live Doodle Art

Street Art & Culture Celebration - Urban Art DXB

From live graffiti to dance battles, skateboard customization, fashion graffiti battle and live makeup art, to DJ and more

Artists of The Week

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    Awais Javed

    When art and engineering meet to create wonderful pieces of Wooden Art.

    Our Australian based in UAE #ArtistOfTheWeek Awais Javed returns to #WAD2023 He found a way to combine both in his artworks. Awais art is interactive and made by wood and inspired by locations, memories and dreams.

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    shahi Dayekh

    Our Lebanese modern art expressionist and artist of the week Shahi Dayekh. She work on massive oil and mixed media canvases with bold, colorful and very expressive strokes. Through her art, she conveys both human emotions and the changing world around us, in the hope of elevating society.
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    Osama Elolemy

    Our Egyptian fine-art photographer and artist of the week Osama Elolemy aka @genie_in_a_click returns to WAD2023. He is exhibiting with an array of photographs of portraiture and fine art that brings the African culture beauty and stories to the Middle Eastern culture. Osama doesn’t only convey a beautiful visual component, but incorporate his feelings, creativity, vision and personality through his work. 
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    Pía Aldana

    Our outstanding visual artist and #ArtistOfTheWeek Pia Aldana who is exhibiting for the first time at #WAD2023 all the way from Chile. She is bringing a diverse collection of her art; from painting, miniature dioramas, ceramic sculpture, to 3D collage and other experimental art medium.

    Learn More

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    Carmen Olteanu

    Our Romanian imaginative intelligent and #ArtistOfTheWeek Carmen Olteanu, she express what she proposes through her collection of figurative and surrealism paintings oscillating from vivid and strong colors landscape to portrait, from an impressionistic approach to photorealism. Carmen Olteanu fructifies, synthesizes and transforms the reality in a positive manner.

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    Atiqa Kayed

    Meet our talented, passionate and creative Emirati Artist Of The Week Atiqa Kayed whose works focus on UAE culture and heritage through a variety of mediums including oil and acrylic painting, portrait and landscape painting abstract and Arabic calligraphy painting. 

    Nationality: Emirati

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    Ayesha Yousuf Bhatti

    Meet our fine textile and visual artist of the week Ayesha Yousuf Bhatti who focuses on experimenting the textures in paintings using different mediums and themes. She is fascinated by the natural and irregular constructions of lines, patterns, colors, and textures, individually and collectively. The deeper you look at her beautiful artworks, the more layers you uncover; you are likely to find something even more colossal.

    Nationality: Pakistan

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    Younes Laassouli

    Our Moroccan artist of the week Younes Laassoul who is a painter and digital artist who paint to capture the essence of the person or the character. He is bringing his "Moroccan Legends " collection to #WAD2023 which includes seven famous Moroccans who have had an impact in various professions portrayed in oil paintings. From King Mohammed VI of Morocco, folk singer Mohamed Rouicha, painter Chaibia Talal and many more represented in the collection. 

    Nationality: Moroccan   

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    Samar Jashan Satamian

    Our a Jordanian Palestinian #ArtistOfTheWeek Samar Jahshan Satamian returns to #WAD2023 She is best known for her contemporary portraiture on large canvases in multiple mediums and techniques with predominant focus on acrylic, oil and pastel painting. Samar’s color pallet is vibrant, dynamic, dazzling and uniquely defined by a deeply rooted symbiotic relationship between art, paintings and human social behavior.

    Nationality: Jordanian

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    Rajaa Sertin

    Meet our Lebanese abstract artist of the week Rajaa Sertin with her series of landscapes inspired by the world around her, creates an artistic experimentation, an interplay between large scales, colorful elements, and lines in her studio. Rajaa describes her distinctive abstractions as being reflections of herself at different periods in her life. She is fascinated by varying elements and compositions.

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    Simona Angeletti

    Meet the art director and artist of the week Simona Angeletti, exhibiting all the way from Italy as Galleria LoZoodiSimona. She strongly believes in the artistic work day after day, in being constant and consecutive, in the research of materials and in the study of what is happening artistically in the world. Simona will be introducing for the first time her registered trade mark that is well known in Italy, "AbbraccioaCuore"

    Nationality: Italian

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    Amal Al Remeithi

    Meet our Emirati artist of the week Amal Al Remeithi who is inspired by her own experiences, feelings, the people around her, the environment, culture and especially mythology and folklore. Amal explores various mediums in an ongoing journey to find her artistic voice, from acrylic painting to sculpting.             

    Don’t miss out on her space themed collection of art at stand number Z24

    Nationality: Emirati  


Dont Just Take Our Word For It

  • “This is my third time visiting World Art Dubai. The diversity in artists and art styles make me come back to the show each year. I have bought art in previous editions and look forward to seeing what the curation has to offer this year.”

    Marina Spirito Russia

  • “This is my first time at the show, I never knew something like this existed in Dubai. I’m very excited to be here, I’ve already met some artists who I am looking forward to connecting to.”

    Alex Goodwin United Kingdom

  • “It was a fantastic event as always and I am delighted to have been able to attend the event in light of the recent worldwide pandemic. World Art Dubai is always one of my favourite Dubai events and I look forward to attending next year. Well done Dubai.”

    Emi Beredugo British

  • “This is my second time to World Art Dubai, and the energy this year has been great. Despite the challenges this year, it was impressive to see such a diverse collection of international artists present and be part of this event. Most importantly I felt safe as a visitor and the precautions taken by the organisers really helped.”

    Dean Foley British

Art Blog

Key artists to check out in 2021

Artists have united from all corners of the globe for the seventh edition of World Art Dubai, with more than 200 local and international artists and galleries displaying over 2,000 pieces across a range of disciplines.

How the pandemic has shaped the art scene

With many galleries and museums across the globe closed or having had a spell of closure over the past year, the art scene has naturally felt the effects of the pandemic.

Artists To Look Out For At World Art Dubai

As consumer tastes continue to evolve, so too do art forms. The latest trend - heavily represented at this year’s World Art Dubai.

The local art scene can only thrive with wider support

By Batool Jafri | Dubai’s art scene is young, but it has the right energy to blossom. It is growing every day and, in comparison to the rest of the world, it is a glamorous community.