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MEET WAD’S ARTIST: Navigating the Artistic Realms with Petr Shebarshin at World Art Dubai 2024



CAPTION: Artist Petr Shebarshin

In the vibrant, ever-evolving world of art, the upcoming World Art Dubai (WAD) 2024 is poised to be a melting pot of creativity and innovation. Among the array of talented artists participating this year to showcase his diverse range of art exhibition designs is Petr Shebarshin, whose work transcends the traditional boundaries of fine and monumental art. Through a recent conversation, Petr shared insights into his creative process, philosophy, and what attendees can look forward to at World Art Dubai 2024, taking place from May 2 to 5

CAPTION: Eclipse of the Heart by Petr Shebarshin

The Artistic Journey of Petr Shebarshin

Petr Shebarshin is a distinguished alumnus of the Arts and Industry University in Moscow, Shebarshin has cultivated an illustrious career that spans the disciplines of painting, graphics, sculpture, and mosaics. Armed with a doctorate in art history, his approach to creation is as intellectual as it is visceral. Shebarshin is a visionary, whose unique artistic technique weaves abstract forms with profound narratives, inviting viewers into a dialogue that transcends the canvas. His works are a testament to a life dedicated to exploring the boundless possibilities of art, challenging viewers to find meaning and connection in the strokes and structures of his creations.

Petr Shebarshin’s, reflective process is a testament to his lifelong dedication to fine and monumental art, viewing achievement as continual refinement rather than mere labour. Central to his artistry is an innovative technique that challenges conventional material uses. Whether employing oils and acrylics or creating monumental works in glass or mosaic, Petr is on a quest to unveil new possibilities. 

A Glimpse into Shebarshin's Creative Process

Petr’s creative journey, as described, is a meditative dialogue that transcends the material realm. It's a conversation with the material, the inner self, and the universe, blurring the lines between different states of being. This immersive process underscores the belief that everyone has the potential to uncover unique talents, whether in art, science, sports, or business. It's about making a mark that no one else can, fuelled by a commitment to positively contribute to our world.

In his art, Petr champions absolute freedom for the viewer, encouraging personal interpretation and connection. This openness invites audiences to engage with the artwork on a deeply personal level, forming their own narratives and emotional responses. Each piece reflects Petr’s current state of mind, embodying personal attitudes, empathy, and contemplation. The evolving styles in his portfolio offer a glimpse into his life's journey, marking periods of growth, challenge, and triumph. This dynamic evolution is a conversation with time, revealing the essence of Petr’s path only when viewed from a distance.

Balancing deep immersion in creativity with the need to remain connected to the external world is cited as Petr Shebarshin’s greatest challenge. Striving to maintain this equilibrium allows him to navigate the complex interplay between the tangible and the ethereal.

Join the Artistic Revolution at World Art Dubai

Petr has always viewed painting as an intricate dialogue with oneself, a reflection of his belief in the transformative power of art. His participation in World Art Dubai 2024, a premier event in the Dubai art events calendar, marks a significant milestone in his career. Petr shared: "Being part of World Art Dubai for the first time is a thrilling opportunity. It's a chance to connect with fellow artists and art lovers who share a passion for exploring the depths of creativity." 

Artists interested in exhibiting are invited to visit the official website for details on how to participate in an art exhibition at and be part of setting the stage for an unforgettable art exhibition in 2024.